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Puri Lumbung rice barn, meaning palace ‘, is an eco-resort located in a stunning location high in the cool mountain air, cool and clean of Munduk in North Bali, with panoramic views of dramatic mountain peaks, rice paddies, lush green valleys, clove plantations and the coast of the Java Sea in the distance.
A different experience of the beauty of Bali from the heat. Surrounded by nature at its best, the Puri Lumbung offers peaceful, relaxing, rejuvenating experience, while letting you into adventures that you want.
Relax and enjoy the view from one of the barns Palace 80-yearold barns that have been converted into beautiful cottages, or one of the luxury villas scattered along the mountain.
Rejuvenate with spa treatments and traditional healing Spa Adhi man in our place.
Choose one of our 3 or 4 days Puri Lumbung special package for complete program activity, or create your own experience.
Take one of our Balinese traditional classes including cooking, make offerings, weaving, crafts, herbal drugs, making bamboo instruments, or take language classes of Bali or Indonesia.
Travel and hike through the living green rice paddies, towards the waterfall, lush orchards, along mountain ridges and through traditional villages, with one of our United Kingdom-speaking guides.
Rent mountain bikes and explore the glorious natural landscape Munduk and surrounding villages. Gamelan classroom
Watch the sunset over the mountain peak with a cocktail or tea herbs at hand at Sunset Courtyard.
Practice yoga and meditation in the peaceful surroundings or join one of the many yoga retreats are visited on a regular basis.
Feast on traditional Balinese dishes and delicious Indonesia or try our vegetarian and offers western dishes in the restaurant of our wonderful Balinese coffee shop.
Bring a group and use one of the meeting rooms and space for retreats, events, seminars, workshops and conferences.
Puri Lumbung is a beautiful place for healing, rejuvenation, retreat and relaxation, adventure and fun for the whole family to enjoy.
The History Of The Castle Granary
The ‘ Barns or rice barn is part of Bali’s unique cultural heritage. Traditionally used to store rice under the protection of the goddess Dewi Sri, lumbungs is now rarely used in agricultural engineering bcause u have changed.
We found some former lumbungs an average of 80 years, and with a little adjustment adapted them into accommodation that is simple but interesting. Of course we hold ceremonies to transfer the goddess back to rice, but still soft energies.
Puri Lumbung is located in the cool mountain air which fan and aircon. Our compound is designed in traditional Balinese way that mimics the sacred human form with shrines at the head, in the heart of guest accommodation and other facilities at the foot.
The first of its kind in Bali, the Puri Lumbung is more than a hotelit is an eco-tourism project dedicated to the discovery, conservation and enhancement of the unspoiled areas around Munduk. Munduk village community involved as much as possible in taking care of our guests. We not only provide jobs, but engaging them in activities that keep the tropical rain forest and keep the water. We also encourage residents of the small village of the cultural heritage of those who live with traditional dance, music and crafts.
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